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Reliable switch & outlet services

There may not be any other part of your electrical system that is more important or used more frequently than the many different switches and outlets in your home.

Make sure they are worked on properly by Genesis 1:3 Electric.


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Outlets and switches are the most used electrical devices in your home

The vast majority of our appliances must be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to work.

The location of the outlets is also important; having an outlet in an awkward location or lacking an outlet where you need one is useless. Additionally, outlets in wet or cluttered environments can cause hazards in the future.

Call us to have the professionals install your new outlets in more beneficial and safe spots in your home.

Repair & Replace

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Don’t get complacent with outlets and switches

It's easy to overlook your outlets because of their consistent, dependable performance in providing electricity to our devices and appliances, but they do have a lifespan.

Having your home inspected by an electrician is the easiest way to determine when you need to replace or upgrade your outlets.

Call us today if you would like your outlets upgraded to new and more modern ones that fit the style and needs of your home.

Service & Maintenance Tips

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Older outlets and switches can be hazardous

Follow these simple points below to help decide if it is time to get new outlets for your home.

You live in an unupgraded home that is more than a few decades old.

There are visible sparks or a snap when you plug in your devices.

The circuit breakers in your home get tripped frequently.

Sockets in the outlet become wiggly or loose.

Your outlets or switches are loose within the wall box.

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