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Residential EV Home Charging

All owners of electric vehicles (EV) need to be able to charge their cars at home. Genesis 1:3 Electric is proud to be one of the few certified electricians in the Denver area to carry out installs as part of our ongoing commitment to incorporate cutting-edge new technologies into our service offerings.

EV Charging Installation

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Electric vehicle chargers come in many sizes

Depending on the size of your car's battery, charging times vary. You can see the various EV charging levels below.

Level 1 Charging Station - 120 Volt (uses standard home outlet)

Level 2 Charger - 240 Volt (same voltage used by your dryer)

DC Fast Charging - High Speed EV Charging for Oregon public charging networks

EV Charger Repair & Replace

An electric charging station in a residential garage.

Like any electrical system, EV chargers may need repairs or replacements

It is a best practice to have the same company who installed your EV charging station be the one to work on it for repairs and replacements so there is familiarity with the unit, your home, and any special care that needs to be taken into account.

After all, the contractors who installed your EV charging port in the first place are best equipped to perform repairs since they are familiar with your home and setup.

Service & Maintenance Tips

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EV charging station maintenance tips

Everything needs to be maintained properly. Follow these simple steps to ensure your EV station stays running for a very long time.

Replace the EV electrical port every few years.

Protect the charging wire from damage.

Examine all components for wear and tear regularly.

Contact your installer if any damage is identified on the port, wire, or plug.

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