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Resetting tripped breaker in residential electricity power panel

Electrical panel services and upgrades

Your home needs to have an electrical panel that is the right size for your home. This panel takes in electricity and directs it to circuits so that your house has power. The size of the breaker on your electrical panel determines how much electricity may be used at once in your home. It might be time for Genesis 1:3 Electric to inspect and replace your existing panels if you wish to increase your electrical usage or add new additions to your house.


new circuit installation

Professional and respectful panel installations

You can get a high-quality electrical panel installation from our experienced electricians at a very affordable price. Our electrical panel installers will visit your home, carefully examine your current electrical panel, and offer recommendations for installing a new electrical panel to replace your current arrangement.

Our licensed electricians check that customers are aware of the installation and replacement requirements before updating electrical panels.

Repair & Replace

Electrical voltage switchboard box with wires with circuit breakers.

Panel replacements by experienced electricians

You might want to think about replacing your electrical panel if you plan to upgrade your appliances and electronic equipment. We advise you to replace your panel now, before problems develop, as a precaution.

Our staff prioritizes client happiness and needs when replacing electrical panels. Prior to executing a service, we will discuss your concerns and offer upfront pricing.

Service & Maintenance Tips

The technician is investigating the cause of the fire, short circuit, electric shock, electric control cabinet.

Don’t forget to maintain your electrical panels

There are indicators that your electrical panel is faulty or out-of-date. Some are obvious, while others may be subtle but are nonetheless warning signs. These warning signs will help you to stay aware of any electrical problems that may pop up. Call us if you notice anything below.

Check for fire or soot.

Do you smell burning plastic?

Have circuits begun tripping more frequently?

Is there visual wear and tear or imperfections on the panel?

Were manufactured by Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) or Zinsco.

Our reviews speak for themselves!

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