How to Choose an Electrical Contractor

When it comes to having electrical work done in your home, calling an electrical contractor is the right step to make. Even a small job such as fixing an electrical outlet or installing a small electrical device that requires adding wiring to your home falls within the job description of the electrician. Plus, to have the job professionally done means that the work is guaranteed and should last for a very long time depending on the specific service being performed.

However, finding the best qualified electrical contractor may be difficult if you do not know what qualities they should possess. While friends, family and neighbors are often a good place to start when searching for the best electrician for your needs, there is more research you will need to do to ensure that you get the right one for the job.


Obviously, a recommendation from people you trust is the best place to start. Naturally, you should only consider the electricians that performed a good job that held up over time. However, this is just the first step in finding an electrical contractor which means just adding their names to the lists of those that you will research.

Internet Search

After getting recommendations from those you know, the next step is going online and visiting the websites of the electrical contractors. Basically, you’ll want to limit your search to contractors who are within 10 to 20 miles of your home depending on your location. This is a good way to put parameters on your search while still getting a good sample of electricians in the area.

Naturally, you’ll want to confirm some basic information;

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Services & Rates
  • Reviews & Testimonials

You should only choose electrical contractors who have been properly licensed by the state. Plus, they should be insured as well just in case an accident occurs on your property you are not stuck with the bill. In addition, you’ll want to look over their general services of what they do and the rates that they charge. In some cases, you might find that they will offer a free quote or package price for their services depending on what you need.

Finally, you will want to go over the customer testimonials and especially the reviews to see how their services are received. Naturally, the testimonials and any referrals they offer will be very positive in nature, but you will want to look at the customer reviews to see if there are any patterns of poor service.

Independent Review Sites

Once you have gathered the basic information from each electrician, you’ll want to go to sites such as Angie’s List or Yelp and look at the customer reviews. While even the best electricians will have a few negative reviews, you will want to look for a pattern of poor service, late arrival or other indications that the electrician may not be the best suited for the job.

Get Free Quotes if Possible

Once you have narrowed down your list to three or four electrical contractors, the next step is to call them to describe the service that needs to be performed and then ask for a free quote if they have not offered you one already. When you receive the quote, be sure to ask the following;

  • Do you guarantee the work?
  • Does the quote include all material needed?
  • Is there an hourly rate or call-out charge?
  • If their work does not meet applicable standards, will they make a free correction?

These are important questions to ask and the reputable electrical contractor will be open and up front about all of their policies and work. This is because having an established reputation is vital towards their future in the business. Plus, the electrician understands that if they provide top notch services that make you happy, you’ll recommend them to your friends which may be how you discovered the electrician in the first place.


While most repair work can be done by a general electrical contractor, if you have a special installation in mind or something that falls outside the normal work of an electrical contractor, then you might want to look for a specialist. You may need a specialist if the electrical work you want involves communications or security.

In these particular areas, there are electrical contractors who are noted specialists and you’ll want to focus on them in terms of getting the particular services needed.

Independent or Agent

Electricians either work for themselves as independent contractors or for a larger company as an agent. You may find that agents are somewhat more expensive to hire, but generally they are better vetted and backed by the company in question. A good electrical contractor can be independent or work for another company, just be sure to properly check them out ahead of time.


It may seem strange at first that price is last on the list, but actually the cost of their services is a very important consideration when it comes to breaking ties between otherwise equal electrical contractors. You want to compare the prices and then select the electrician who is best qualified that offers the lowest rate. In this manner, you get the best services while keeping the overall cost well within your budget.

Finally, remember to listen to your instincts when it comes to whom you choose. While you may or may not know a lot about electrical work, you do have to trust that the person you hire is confident in their abilities and will do the best job possible. If you feel that they are not confident, do not know fully what they are doing or worse, if they are adding charges that seem unnecessary to the job at hand, then you should go with someone else.


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